About US

Toonami Squad is a place where you are always welcome with open arms. We make it a priority to be a website where no one has to fear being judged or ostracized for something they love. Sure we’ll get in our heated debates every once in awhile, but NEVER to the point of making someone feel out of place! That, is never tolerated.

We are a website where all are welcome. Cuz, we’re in this together, all the way, going to keep pushing forward, and making ourselves stronger, faster, and better. We want the community to be built from the backs of amiable, devoted Toonami fans like yourselves. So with that said, Ever wanted a site providing the latest Toonami news and content? Perhaps you just need your daily does of anime and video game news? Maybe a bit of a flare for the nostalgic? Toonami Squad is the place to be to hear about your favorite shows, video games, news, or upcoming events and a whole lot more!

When we say a whole lot more, we mean, pretty much any random thing that pops into your mind, quite literally. Because that’s how we roll! We want you to create and share your own personal TOONAMI SQUAD experience Writing forum posts and starting community threads in our message boards. Sharing your inspired works that show off your deep love and passion for Toonami and anime with fellow members.

Maybe you’re an artist and want to show off your maad skills with a pencil. Concept arts, character drawings and more are all welcomed! Writers, have you ever had a scripted out epic battle or story line involving your favorite characters in your head? Ever created a bran new story line or concept of your own creation that you may want to turn into something but curious about some feedback? ToonamiSquad is the place to be. Editors, ever wanted a place to showcase your collection of amv’s, toonami or anime inspired promos, messages, and intros. Toonami Squad gives you that opportunity. To add to that, maybe you writers and artists can collaborate and possibly bring a vision to life, We’re aiming for limitless possibilities here!

So, if you choose to, this site gives you the chance to showcase your devotion towards Toonami and anime so please, feel free to share anything you want amoung the community. With all things considered everything points you to the same place; ToonamiSquad.boards.net This site was created with you in mind, and we know at times you all just wanna shoot the breeze, not worrying about all the news sometimes.The Team at Toonami Squad aims to build a strong fellowship of loyal Toonami fans and we appreciate your time and effort making this dream a reality!

Be sure to follow us on twitter @ToonamiSquad Got a question for the crew? These guys have answers, Don’t be afraid to hit them up @Jmb_70056 @ERockstar5 @Mr5hadow @PhantomStar64 @Brezerkfury @SilverAbsolutII @_MajorValentine and @Szuniverse Maybe you just want to strike up a random conversation, that’s also cool, we’re always ready for some fun witty banter. But always be sure to hang out with them on Saturday night to live tweet during Toonami.

We’ll be updating the site and it’s affiliates in the coming weeks. So, Welcome to the squad faithfuls, until then stay gold! BANG!