Autolux – “Selectallcopy” (Official Music Video)

Autolux - Selectallcopy CROPPED

Sorry for the delay, but we had to wait for last week’s music video to hit the internet. So your probably wondering what that creepy music video was, well we’re going to tell you. It’s Selectallcopy by Autolux and Directed by Thomas McMahan

Selectallcopy · Autolux


℗ 2016 Sony Music Entertainment, distributed by 30th Century Records/Columbia Records

Associated Performer: Autolux
Background Vocal, Composer, Drums, Lyricist, Other: Carla Azar
Composer, Guitar, Lyricist, Synthesizer, Vocal: Greg Edwards
Bass, Composer, Guitar, Lyricist, Other, Synthesizer: Eugene Goreshter
Composer, Lyricist: Jordan Asher
Other, Producer: BOOTS
Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer: Kennie Takahashi
Mastering Engineer: Joe LaPorta

What were your thoughts and first reaction when seeing this video? Let us know below in the comments.

  • Elijah Hechtman

    When I first saw that video, I thought it was a commercial for Progressive. I didn’t see the entire video, it was starting to creep me out when I saw that woman lipstick smile widen, like it resembled Ronald McDonald in the 1970’s, in Japan. I covered the TV screen while lying in bed so I wouldn’t see much of a thing.

    • Jmb a.k.a. The Boss

      Yeah, when I first saw it too, I thought it was a commercial, but as I continued watching I didn’t know what the heck I was watching I asked one of the other staff members what it was and they told me it was a music video. I know Adult Swim/Toonami has shown some pretty weird videos in the past, but this is by for the weirdest video they have ever shown.

      • Elijah Hechtman

        If by “weirdest”, you mean “creepiest, scariest, nastiest, pointy-teeth-havingest, little-kid-gettingest monster woman-induced”. No way I’m watching that ever again, man. Even scarier, it resembled early CGI animation in the 1970s-1980s. I’d rather Grim, Billy & Mandy should see this one. (Mostly Grim and Mandy).