Adultswim Roku App Review By GundamBarbatos9

Last Updated on by Joshua Mathieu (Jmb a.k.a. The Boss)

Recently released on Feb 5th 2018, the Adultswim roku app is pretty much like a big screened verison of the IOS/Android app on the app stores. Like the mobile versions, in order to access the majority episodes of Adultswim shows and Toonami shows, a cable login is required for some of the Featured Episodes and TV Simulcast options.

Marathons are continues streams of your favorite and not so favorite shows that you see on Adultswim TV like Rick and Morty, Robot Chicken, Hot Streets and also Toonami Preflight episodes, etc . These marathons are continued through the week and change up every monday.

Live Streams are what Adultswim streams from their website for various
other shows such as Game Humpers, Assembley Line Yeah , Bloodfast, Fishcenter and more.

The archives are what they have previously streamed from their live stream catalog.

The Good : I am really enjoying having the adultswim app on roku devices and roku tv as it is a break from using my tablet every now and then.

The Bad : If you dont have a cable service subscription and you want to watch your favorite adultswim shows via tv simulcast, you may be out of luck there.

Overall, it is good to see that Adultswim has made a roku app as an alternative to
those who dont have cable tv and i highly recommend getting it for those wwho have roku devices or roku TVs