Gundam 00 10th Anniversary Ultra Edition Blu Ray Review by GundamBakugo9

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Hello and welcome back to another Special review of Gundam anime box sets courtesy of Toonami Squad’s GundamBakugo9. After the epic release of Gundam Wing Ultra Edition blu Ray box set by Rightstufanime, I decided to revisit the Gundam 00 series. Though not originally on Toonami , Gundam 00 was broadcasted on Syfy’s Anime monday block during its last few days before being silently cancelled…. Moving on, this Ultra set blu ray comes with both seasons 1 through 2, The 3 OVA recaps , and The movie Awakening of the Trail Blazer. Extra bonuses include a 236 page artbook, a metal haro keychain, a wall scroll and 4 Art cards.

The Good: It has both dub and sub options for both seasons and the movie. Featuring old yet iconic Voice actors from Blue Water Studios such as Brad Swaile as Setsuna F Seiei, Richard Cox as Allelujah, Sam Vincent as Tieria and Alex Zahara as Lockon. Excellent casting choices for most characters but some feel a tad off. However it is still a good dub.

The bad : while season 1 was a great story, the season 2 feels as though ir focuses too much on side characters and romances. Not to mention the ovas are just condensed verisons of the episodes.

The Mixed: Like the previous Ultra Edition Gundam box set , 00 is a tad expensive via rightstufanime website but is probably aimed at the hardcore anime or gundam collectors.

In the end , Gundam 00 10th Anniversary Ultra Blu Ray box set comes with good bonuses , great HD resolution on blu ray and i recommend it for those who are interested in the gundam series. With that , GundamBakugo9 is signing off.
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