GundamUnicorn24 goes to Tampa Bay Comic Con Day 1!

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Wow my first ever convention in Tampa Bay Comic con was absolutely Phenomenal! I got to see 4 of my favorite anime voice actresses. Katie Griffin Voice of Sailor Mars in the 90s, Linda Ballantyne the voice of Sailor Moon in the original season 3 dub, Maile Flanagan voice of Naruto Uzumaki and Sarah Natochenny the voice of Ash Ketchum in the pokemon sun and moon anime Dub! I also had Linda Ballantyne sign my sailor moon Otaku USA cover and she was very sweet. While at the convention, I saw a couple of Jojo cosplays, Attack on Titan cosplays and a Temari cosplay! I could only go for friday afternoon due to my current budget but I had an excellent time there and I will be attending next year as well. Photos can be found on my twitter @GundamUnicorn24 and instagram @ranmasaotome22

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