Hunter X Hunter The Phantom Rouge Movie Review by GundamBarbstos9

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The first of 2 Hunter X Hunter Movies to be licensed by Viz Media and it is quite a thrilling ride. The movie is esscentially a retelling of the phantom Troupe Arc in the 2011 Anime series but with a few differences here and there. Someone manages to steal Kurapika’s Scarlett Eyes and the Person who took them happens to be a surviving member of his kurta Clan named Pairo. Despite that the
entire Kurta Clan was supposed to have been wiped out. Kurapika also happens to see a person with a spider tattoo on his hand with the number 4, seeming to be linked to the Phantom Troupe.

The Good : Excellent Fighting scenes with Gon and Killua vs The resurrected Uvogin and the puppet Illumi. It was nice
Seeing a bit more of Kurapika’s Past with Pairo back with his clan. Not to mention Leorio was featured as well helping out.

The Bad : The Character Retsu feels a tad odd and obvious mid way through the movie. Plus the Phantom Troupe barely makes many appearances in the movie except for 2 Fight scenes here and there. Pairo feels like he wasn’t very important near the end.

The Mixed : The main villain , Omokage, seemed rather underdeveloped in my opinion and not much explaining of his character outside of His sister Retsu and wanting to restore her eyes.

Overall : I feel as though the Movie could
have been a tad better in terms of character development and Kurapika’s Clan should have been fleshed out more but it was an ok movie of Hunter X Hunter. Hopefully the next hunter x hunter movie will have some better character development and story.