Jump Force Closed Beta PS4 First Impressions by GundamBakugo9

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With the upcoming release of Bandai Namco’s new game Jump Force, this past weekend they released a closed beta for certain Gamers (I myself included) that managed to open a code for the beta testing. Here are my honest thoughts so far.

when loading the main menu, players can select a preset custom Avatar character (one out of six) that resemble a Shonen Jump character such as Vegeta, Luffy or Goku etc. Lobby options are comprised of player vs cpu matches or quick matches with random selected characters.

Playable characters are (more to come when full release ) Goku, Luffy , Naruto , Vegeta, Rukia, Ichigo, Sasuke, Gon Freecs, Hisoka, Yusuke Urameshi, Togoro, and various others. Each has their own set of strong , fast and awakening abilities and attacks. Some of them felt smooth and very responsive while others may require more time to rack up combos.

Stages are Namek, Hong Kong , New York etc. The in game graphics are simply stunning and Awesome. However this is only a small test of the game. I look forward to more when it releases next year in Feburary. For more game first impressions and reviews etc, stay tuned for more at toonami squad website.