Mary and The Witch’s Flower Review by GundamBakugo9

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Hello and welcome back to another Anime review courtesy of Gundam at Toonami Squad ! Today i am going to review Mary and The Witch’s Flower Anime movie by Studio Ponoc.

Director of Secret World of Airiety and when Marnie was there worked on this film and it is absolutely stunning to look at. Studio Ponoc is made up of animators from The well known and loved Studio Ghibli animation.

The good : Studio Ponoc did a excellent job on the music and animation as well as good action sequences in my opinion. The story revolves around Mary who just happened to find this mysterious Flower called the Fly by Night and it bestowes magical powers to the person or people who use it.

The bad: lack luster characters and not much goes on in the journey of the movie. Mary seems to be one of the more less interesting Characters in this film. Not to mention the villains aka the scientists don’t have much of a motive or drive.

The Mixed : The character Mary stumbling across magic seems like a good concept but the progress of how it’s done could have been better.

Overall , Mary and The Witch’s Flower had a good visual and audio perspective and the dub and sub performances are well done. However the characters and story leave much to be desired. I recommend watching it if you enjoy Studio Ponoc’s work and are a fan of studio Ghibli animation styles.