Samurai Jack Season 5 Review By GundamUnicorn24

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Many years ago in a distant land, a young child sat down to watch a show by the name of Samurai Jack. That show was one of my go to action shows back in the day of Cartoon Network and I would watch it everytime it was on tv. However, in 2017 when the show returned was the moment that everything changed for the Samurai. Season 5 appears to be a rollercoaster of feels, emotions and action.

The good: We had a 50 year time skip for Jack in this season. The Daughters of Aku were very skilled in fighting as far as I’vs seen. Ashi becoming Jack’s love interest was rather ok in my opinion, but I’m glad Jack has found happiness for once in this nightmare of a future.

The bad: Near the last episode it felt like there are more questions than answers as far as I’m concerned. Especially since everyone that Jack had helped on his journey was gone when he returns to the past. Meaning that the woolies, the archers, the scottsman and the party people, are no longer here… which I will miss very deeply. Not to mention, Ashi having died after Aku was defeated. R.I.P dear Ashi.

The mixed: I feel as though Samurai Jack Season 5 was a good season. It bought a close to the end of a great series, but honesty I would have liked for the ending to have had Ashi survive and live happily with Jack. However, Genndy had other ideas. Despite the issues near the end of the show, I am glad that the Toonami Staff managed to get Genndy back to finish the story. Farewell Samurai Jack, you will be missed greatly. 😢