Sword Oratoria Anime Review by GundamBakugo9

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As a side story/spinoff of Danmachi : is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a Dungeon, I was rather disappointed with the story presentation and the characters in this series. Like for example, how Loki tries to get a feel for Aiz every chance she gets. It felt like it got rather redundant in my opinion.

Lefiya, while in the light novel gets a lot of character development, seems just to serve as a fangirl of Aiz in the anime.

The good : It was nice to see a side perspective of Aiz And the Loki familia, as well as the soundtrack was good to hear in the Collectors edition.

The bad : too many fanservice jokes and it gets a bit redundant imo. Not to mention the characters felt underdeveloped at times throughout the episodes.

The mixed : for 12 episodes , it tries to fill the void until the second season of Danmachi .

Overall , Sword Oratoria the anime is not really worth watching from my experience but if you want to check it out, it’s available on Amazon prime streaming and the dub is now out on blu Ray and DVD from Sentai Filmworks.