Tampa Bay Comic Con 2018 Day 2 by GundamBakugo9

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I returned to The Tampa Bay Comic Con for day 2 after my first trip last year and it was amazing! Got to meet Voice actor Phil Lamar of Samurai Jack
and Green Lantern John Stewart from justice league unlimited. He even signed my Copy of Samurai Jack season 5 Blu Ray. 

Also got to meet Walter Jones the original black ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and my childhood dream has been completed . 

Also saw quite a few my hero academia cosplays such as Bakugo, Deku and Uraraka as well as Yaoyorozu, Todoroki and even Tokoyami!
I was very amazed that there were even cosplays of Tokyo Ghoul, Soul Eater, Naruto Shippuden an the list goes on.

I even went as kurapika from Hunter X Hunter series and I did get recognized 3 times . 😎😎

It was quite an experience once again and I hope to visit Tampa Bay Comic Con again next year!